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That Dutchman's Cheese Farm / Product / Dragon’s Breath Cheese ~220g

Dragon’s Breath Cheese ~220g


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Please be advised that due to refrigeration regulations we are required to ship both cheese and smeerkaas in a cooler with ice packs via courier. This significantly increases the cost of shipping, especially during the hot months of the year. For this reason when you put in your order you will NOT be asked for payment information. We will contact you via email to give you an estimated cost of shipping and then take payment over the phone or through email.


  1. Rick

    Always pick some up when in Nova Scotia. No trip planned this year so I ordered some to be delivered. Shipping was a tad expensive so I stocked up to lower the “per unit cost”. Who am I kidding, a bargain at twice the price.

  2. Jennifer

    a few years back we saw a review on Dragons breath and drove over 750 miles one way From CT USA to get some!!! SO WORTH IT!…. I may make another trip up there … but i live in FL now. 🙂

  3. Marvus

    I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy Dragons Breath a few times a year for the past decade. I like to ripen it despite Dutchmans recommendations…..after purchase but most will not……I keep it for about a month from fresh and then it suits my palate.

  4. Janice Manson

    I am in love with this cheese. Makes me weak at the knees. I love Dragon’s Breath.

  5. Marj & Melissa

    Our good friend and neighbour, Karin, was touring Nova Scotia a couple of weeks ago with her daughter. They stopped in to buy some Dutchman’s cheese. We were gifted this wonderful Blue Belle of Blue Cheese. Great packaging, simple but effective. The flavour is outstanding. We are looking forward to the rest of the Belle. thank you!!

  6. Marie

    Absolutely the best ! And now my very favorite cheese !

  7. kristi

    I heartily agree with Jordan. The best blue cheese I have ever had.

  8. gayle leslie

    With Regards to the Dragon’s Breath Blue cheese:
    firm bite yet it turns creamy when you start eating it , sharp with a hint of sweetness, no veins, perfect acidic finish than lingers in your mouth
    I love it
    I was given a round as a gift from a very generous friend
    I have used a wee bit of it for a salad dressing and it made the absolute best most delicious blue cheese dressing I have ever tasted

  9. Jordan

    The best cheese on Earth!

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