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the Growler cheese wedges


Wedges are Approximately 250g.  Prices vary as the sizes vary.   Larger sizes available, just ask!


The award winning Old Growler Gouda is our premium aged Gouda.

Aged for at least 1 year this delicious cheese has a hard, brittle texture and its flavour is zesty and sharp. Sliceable with a good knife. Grate or crumble into hot dishes to compliment and enhance the flavours!
Delicious served on toast in the morning, or as part of a platter, with a glass of wine or to conclude a meal. Enjoy it on its own, with fresh fruit and in sandwiches.

Really Old Growler is even sharper (aged at least 2 years) and of course, more crumbly!

Want something even older, try our Hammer&Chisel Gouda.  This cheese is excellent for grating (similar to Parmesan).


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grand-prix-fromagerie 2009Wedges are Approximately 250g.  Prices vary as the sizes vary.  Larger sizes available, just ask!

Please be advised that due to refrigeration regulations we are required to ship both cheese and smeerkaas in a cooler with ice packs via courier. This significantly increases the cost of shipping, especially during the hot months of the year. For this reason when you put in your order you will NOT be asked for payment information. We will contact you via email to give you an estimated cost of shipping and then take payment over the phone or through email. 



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