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the Dragon’s Growl


Creamy Gouda Cheese Spread Made With our Dragon’s Breath Blue & Old Growler Gouda

We think it will be Delicious on Hamburgers & Steak!
As a sauce on pasta or salmon
Or just spread on your fav cracker or bread!




  1. Mar Groenevelt-Verwey

    We stopped by your place yesterday and picked up some of your cheeses. I only wish now that I picked up extra jars of your Dragon’s Growl. It is out standing! Just wish I could get it in Ontario.

  2. Paul Ellis

    What stores sell Dragon’s Growl in the Halifax area.I no Masstown Market and Noggin’s in the valley sell it I’m looking for something closer to Halifax..

    • admin

      Hello, You can find our products at Local Source market, Pete’s Frootique, Noggin’s Corner market in Dartmouth, Bedford and Greenwich, Pavia in Herring Cove, Joann’s Deli and market in Mahone Bay. If looking for a specific product you should call the store to see if they have it in stock- some carry more selection than others.

  3. David Capper

    Purchased in Masstown, looking to find in Winnipeg.

  4. Shelagh Main

    May 2019

    We are in Ontario and were introduced to your Dragon’s Breath cheese a couple of years ago at a gathering here.

    We were fortunate to get one of the last orders from you before the laws changed this year and are very grateful for that.

    The Growler has become one of our favorites and we are currently rationing it out.

    Shelagh Main

  5. Michele and Don Walmsley

    Was given Dragon’s Growl as a gift from our son while he was attending a wedding in your area. Absolutely love it! Enjoying every mouthful. Wish you had a shop here.
    Michele and Don
    Neepawa, Manitoba

  6. Gloria Reid

    Love the spread. Had it on steak, crusty rolls an right out of the jar.
    Allways buy Dragon’s Breath when I go to the Market in Halifax.

  7. Gloria Reid

    Love the amazing spread. Put it on stakes,crusty rolls. Love,love it.
    When I go home to Halifax I also go to the farms market in Halifax. Always have to buy two or three Dragon’s Breath.

  8. Baba

    This is an amazing spread. We like it on toast at breakfast, or on crusty rolls with hearty soup.
    The Dragon’s Breath blue shines through, although tempered by the Old Growler Gouda. Would be great spread on toast soldiers with roasted garlic.

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